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Yep i finally popped Aug 13th

I joined this crazy place on 2010-07-16, 8 years ago.

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newborn halloween costumes? - 7 years ago

all i can find for my son who will be 3 month..is those dang bunt costumes..i hate those they are all the same and there is nothing original....grrrr.but there are some newer ones on costume express w...

Question?????? - 7 years ago

i remember hearing that if you are fenced in that YOU cannont request orders but you can be put on orders...however your report date is usually after your "fenced in" period ends

its only the beginning - 7 years ago

oh man you found out this far in advance..im sorry...honestly as much as i didnt like it..i preferred finding out only a few weeks in advance for all of hubbys deployments...it didnt give me the chanc...

Best age for a big boy bed? - 7 years ago

my son was in one at 13 months...he was walking at 9 mo..and i woke up the morning before i converted his bed..and he was Standing on the changing table (it was attached) so we desided right then and ...

anyone know the link to sear ? - 7 years ago

mine wouldnt load on mozilla but as soon as i opened it in IE it worked right away :)

anyone know the link to sear ? - 7 years ago

Make sure you put in your soldiers name not yours

Birth Control Options - 7 years ago

was on the pill from 02-05 (was on it to regulate my period and help with cramping) i was on depo from 05-06 (got off because hubby was deploying and we wanted baby #2 when he got home...had no per...

pregnancy on birth control? - 7 years ago

i never got prego on bc..did the pill for a few years and the depo for a few years,had my son,did depo again had another son..but i was off depo for over a year before getting pregnant either time..ho...

I dont understand.... - 7 years ago

i never moved back home...1st deployment it was just me...i figured it would be a good chance to learn some independance and how to be on my own completely...2nd time i had a 10 month old and had move...

YAY!!! - 7 years ago

@kara..indeed...and i have 2 of them now lol... thanks everyone :) we are doing great adjusting well..he sleeps all day...then we put him to bed around 10 he wakes up at 3am then again at 7am.....

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