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Yep i finally popped Aug 13th --- 7 years ago -

ok so alot of you were with me on my struggle of getting pregnant..and were there for the excitement of finally getting a BFP....well heres a lil more happiness...thanks everyone for all the kind words of encouragment...and for letting me vent lol...0 Zachary Thomas Morris....8lbs 3oz 21 inches Born at 0155am on Aug 13th 2011 

Displaced New Englander --- 7 years ago -

He is beautiful!!! Congratulations :) 

Justmeandthefamilia --- 7 years ago -

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did an awesome job!! 

Katena --- 7 years ago -

what a handsome boy congrats 

babycakes --- 7 years ago -

AWWWWW Many blessings to you and your family! Congrats! 

Zolees Momma --- 7 years ago -

Congrats!!! He is adorable! :) 

Yep i finally popped Aug 13th --- 7 years ago -

Thanks everyone :) we are soooooo happy that he is finally here :) 

IMMoving --- 7 years ago -

He says, "Yay I'm here finally! Now give me a break from the pics already!" LOL 

lakej --- 7 years ago -

So cute! Congratulations!! 

Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

Congrats, he's beautiful! 

Rosey Bum --- 7 years ago -

So cute! I love his eyes! 

finallychangedname --- 7 years ago -

congrats he looks great. did he turn out smaller than expected? 

Justmeandthefamilia --- 7 years ago -

Makes me want another. I love babies!!! 

wootage --- 7 years ago -

Awww! So cute!!
August 13th is a good birthday! My second son was born on that date in 2005! 

Yep i finally popped Aug 13th --- 7 years ago -

@Finally...no they induced me early so that he would still be small enough....thankfully cause had they estimated he was over 9lbs they would have forced me to have a c-section.....but they knew he was about 8lbs at 38 weeks..so they induced me...

@HH6....meeeee toooooo lol i want another... lol..but i have 3 things that need to happen first lol...#1 this one needs to be 3 years old #2 Husband needs to make SGT....#3 Husband must do one full deployment so that i can be sure i can handle 2 alone before adding a 3rd lol 

Yep i finally popped Aug 13th --- 7 years ago -

@Wootage..hehehe cool 

abrown --- 7 years ago -


Hooah Wifey --- 7 years ago -

Congrats he's adorable 

finallychangedname --- 7 years ago -

so glad they were on top of it all for you. 

Kara --- 7 years ago -

Congrats! Little boys will steal your heart. 

Yep i finally popped Aug 13th --- 7 years ago -

@kara..indeed...and i have 2 of them now lol...

thanks everyone :) we are doing great adjusting well..he sleeps all day...then we put him to bed around 10 he wakes up at 3am then again at 7am....perfect lil baby..and NOTHING wakes him up lol...my 3 year old is always screaming through the house and even right next to lil bit..and lil bit just keeps on snoozin 

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