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I joined this crazy place on 2010-09-24, 7 years ago.

» save Sandra as my FRIEND - HOSER

Former army wife, proud mom to 3 and married for the past 21 years! I am level headed and hate petty arguing especially the kind that goes on here so I usually stay out of the drama.

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Does anyone post and comment on here? - 3 years ago

I can do without, I hate summers! The heat is so draining and with no ac almost everywhere ugh, not too excited!

Does anyone post and comment on here? - 3 years ago

Working and keeping busy and finally got my boy back on ABA therapy after a year waiting yay!

Does anyone post and comment on here? - 3 years ago

We used to! I liked 'hanging' out here but it's frustrating that these people have taken over and I'm unsure if anyone can do anything about it anymore. It really sucks!

Certified Respite Care Provider - 3 years ago

And why are you high jacking my thread yo?!

Did anyone see the water spout that triggered the tornado warning today? - 3 years ago

Just curious, I was wondering, since the last tornado warning here was in 1969, do we even have sirens to alert us to seek shelter, also, how do I sign up for alerts on my phone? I was on post shortly...

AH MAH GAAAAWWWDDD - 3 years ago

That was funny and true, but I don't think Tacoma is as 'gay' as our neighboring communities, or my gay-dar is just broken. I am still looking forward to a juicy chicken sandwich with waffle fries!

Need help, please spread the word - 3 years ago

I bet that came from a person who at some point received 'handouts', if now still receiving them. But yeah, that was very grown up of you to say, congratulations, you are now officially a douchebiscu...

How about all that NFL drama...... - 3 years ago

[i]Guy that punched his wife should have been jailed instead of the security guard making sure cops weren't called. [/i] He initially told them she was drunk so he assumed that's why she was passed...

Selling Stuff - 3 years ago

McChord or Main post thrift shops are the only places I know of. Main post takes 35% of the sale price while we at McChord take 20%. I don't know where else they do it though.

guys its time for a dramatic change around here - 3 years ago

Ok, so I'm here and posting on whatever I find relevant. I'm pretty sure it's gonna take more than that. For starters, we gotta learn to respect each other and if there's nothing good to say, they l...

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