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Pampering Our Military Spouses

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Your Mom --- 7 years ago -

Saluting spouses with the power of spa

By RangerKen on August 30, 2013

Once again, the Ranger and Northwest Airlifter newspapers present Pampering Our Military Spouses, a fun-filled afternoon of free hair care, spa services, pampering, prizes, gifts and much more, October 6, 2013, 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All military spouses (and girlfriends) are invited, both active and reserve, for this 5th annual event taking place at St. Martin's University in Lacey, and co-sponsored by Washington State's G.E.T. program.

For complete details, and to RSVP (limited space available), please click HERE


AwesomeSauce --- 7 years ago -

Ooo fancy. I feel like i will just be bombarded with stuff they want me to buy or sign up for though. 

Leesah --- 7 years ago -

That and it will take forever to do anything, lol. 

Your Mom --- 7 years ago -

party poopers 

Megan LeeAnne --- 7 years ago -

You actually get lots of free stuff there. I have never bought or signed up for anything. 

MASC --- 7 years ago -

I went to one at Campbell with a friend. We got to pick one thing to do for pampering. I don't like people touching me so opted for a shoulder massage, the least invasive.
They gave out prizes too. If I remember correctly, I won some kind of bath sponge and small bottles of soap in a gift bag. Think I gave it to my friend.
One line we went through had a big bowl of fake diamonds mixed with one or two real ones. We were given tweezers and one shot to pick the real one out. Not sure if anybody won that. 

Megan LeeAnne --- 7 years ago -

Here you do whatever you want. You don't have to pick just one but get there early if you expect to do more than one. They even have free teeth whitening. 

Your Mom --- 7 years ago -

i want to go early. I still don't know if kids are allowed or not.. 

VolsChick --- 7 years ago -

I would say not to bring your kids because it is meant for the spouses and there isn't any children activities or anything for them to do. 

Your Mom --- 7 years ago -

meh. gr8. 

Megan LeeAnne --- 7 years ago -

There used to be free childcare but that was years ago and don't think they do it anymore. I would also say don't bring them if they are young. If they are older and can stand still while you participate in massage, etc. go for it. I'm definitely not bringing mine. My husband gets back either the 4th or 5th and he is getting the joy of spending quality time with them all day of the 6th.....hahahahhaha 

Your Mom --- 7 years ago -

is that a muahahhahaha? 

gtaylor --- 7 years ago -

This sounds like fun! Its what you make of it. Anything out of my normal routine would be nice. But I would not wanna go by myself. Wish I knew at least one military spouse..lol 

Your Mom --- 7 years ago -

this is the place to meet them :) 

Megan LeeAnne --- 7 years ago -

is that a muahahhahaha?

Yes...yes it is.

Gtaylor, feel free to go with me. I'm meeting up with 2 others there too, not sure if they are driving or riding along yet. 

Msdiamond --- 6 years ago -

Who is going? 

Your Mom --- 6 years ago -

I am! 

Megan LeeAnne --- 6 years ago -

I am 

MOproblems --- 6 years ago -

Your mom, I may be able to go with you, let me get back to you by Saturday. 

AwesomeSauce --- 6 years ago -

I'm not sure how many slots were open, but there are none left. Hope you all have fun. 

Your Mom --- 6 years ago -

I'm sorry it filled up guys. 

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