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Megan LeeAnne

I joined this crazy place on 2010-12-13, 8 years ago.

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What happened here??? - 4 years ago

I gave up because no one ever posted and all we were doing was deleting spam because Kara and Adam aren't replying to any message to ban the account. So honestly looks like they gave up too. I don't e...

Mod - 4 years ago

Yep, I tried contacting them multiple times. I requested this page but the longer it's been dead the more I forgot about it.

Mod - 4 years ago

I'm stepping down as mod. I feel all we ever do anymore is remove the spam comments that Kara won't respond to our messages about removing the user, and this site is pretty much dead. Maui girl, it's ...

Favorite Ecards lol pics? - 4 years ago

I guess I missed that lol

need phone numbers appt/housing on base - 4 years ago

My phone won't copy it but all you have to do is Google "fort Lewis appointment line" and housing office. They come right up.

Favorite Ecards lol pics? - 4 years ago

It doesn't load for me :(

not trying to start a debate, but this made me LoL - 4 years ago

It's probably because they worry about it coming into their state more easily.

Off-Base Housing Mold - 4 years ago

Agree with above...my mom had this issue years back and turns out cleaning wasn't good enough bc it was in the walls. They had to tear half the wall down. If you rent and they chose not to do anything...

House for Sale - 4 years ago

Random...Where did you find the ottoman? Does the top squares come off for storage underneath? We have those same couches lol.

Did anyone see the water spout that triggered the tornado warning today? - 4 years ago

They would probably use the sirens theyvhave for other warnings. I know post has them. I would imagine off post does. For alerts like that I use accuweather app.

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