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I joined this crazy place on 2012-01-26, 7 years ago.

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I'm generally tempted to fill public profiles out like a personal ad. "Loves dancing in the rain, long walks on the beach and sipping wine by candlelight...." While I do enjoy sappy, girly things, I'm socially inept. By that I mean not subtle, intolerant of stupidity, and very much opinionated. I don't simply laugh or giggle, I cackle and guffaw. For people that are of a similarly loud, opinionated nature, I'm the life of the party. For those with more sensitive natures, I seem very unrefined. I'm ok with all of that.

latest comments

The place to go for hair...Hair Mechanic Junkies! - 4 years ago

I actually loved going here. If I was still at ft Lewis that's where I'd be. Great experience every time.

FINALLY!!!!! - 5 years ago

That's so great :)

Special ed and efmp - 5 years ago

Id just go to the office and pick up the paperwork, they'll know what you need.

FINALLY!!!!! - 5 years ago

not as a duty station, but my husband is from the area, and he went to basic there. We like it, but I have no idea how the post and living situation is. Their hospital and ER are tiny though lol, I ha...

Scary symptoms anyone heard of these????? - 5 years ago

I don't have any idea what those symptoms could mean, but if he's having trouble eating, maybe try smoothies and such like I did with N when I was trying to put weight on him before he got comfortable...

hilarious - 5 years ago

I don't expect perfection, but maybe the correct form of they're/there/their lol. An occasional mistake, sure, that can happen with fast typing and multitasking (I make mistakes often) but it's just s...

hilarious - 5 years ago

This course is international business.

hilarious - 5 years ago

How are my professors supposed to grade my assignments if they are unable to use proper grammar and spelling in their own emails and assignment posts to me?? This dude has a PhD!

Rants! - 5 years ago

Sorry Sandra :( That's super frustrating!! Last year both of our laptops crashed, but luckily a guy was able to recover our stuff for us and we got a new computer. I need to back everything up to a sp...

Rants! - 5 years ago

Well clearly he is an idiot. There is no other explanation necessary. It will be a miracle if he ever finds a woman that fits his extremely high standards, that is also stupid enough to put up with hi...

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