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Asking for your help.

who's talking here?

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LvMandieLv --- 5 years ago -

Hello everyone,
If anyone is giving away a portable air conditioner or knows of someone that is, please contact me. My family is in great need of one. I had a kidney transplant in 2009 and my medications make me have hot spells. I also suffer from high blood pressure and anxiety. My husband and I have been living here in Washington since December. This past week we found out that our home on Lewis Main does not have air conditioning as we originally thought. With the past week getting warmer and warmer months to come I'm worried. Our house gets as hot as 78 degrees and that is with 2 tower fans we borrowed from a friend. I've noticed an increase in my blood pressure as high of 174/114 since then. We don't have any financial way of affording a new or even used one right now. I contacted EFMP & housing and was told they could not help us with a unit. Thanks for your time.

(Our home has the horizontal sliding windows so I don't know for sure if we can use window units.)


VolsChick --- 5 years ago -

I don't have one but some helpful advice. This week will be cool like 65 is the high. Second is o hang blankets over all your windows during the day when it is hot and keep the windows and doors closed until about 7 or so. Then open everything up too cool it down. Also if you have fans going with all this you can get a giant block of ice and stick in a pan infront of the fan and it belows freezing cold air. This weather is not normal for washington and our summers are not to hot. You can also talk to your doctor and see what they recommend. 

VolsChick --- 5 years ago -

Also aafes has a take it home today card you can apply for and pay it off, the minimum payment is 25 a month 

Megan LeeAnne --- 5 years ago -

Aafes doesn't carry window units, I work there, we've had several ask us lately. But VolsChick is right, summers don't get extremely hot and what you've seen already is usually about the hottest it gets. I would post on the facebook sites asking for fans. Even while I was pregnant last summer and having extreme hot flashes fans were enough.

With the windows you have you would have to find one of those ac units which are more expensive than the other or put one on its side which causes a major fire hazard. I told my husband I was going to do it when we lived on post and him being a prior firefighter told me no way in hell.

Also, being that you live on post you should have a "summer fan". At least ours did, I'm not sure about every place. It was just a lightswitch that I never knew that went to anything til my husband told me lol. 

VolsChick --- 5 years ago -

They don't carry them this year? That's weird they had them last year, maybe online. Home depot has them and you can always finance there as well. 

AwesomeSauce --- 5 years ago -

We had windows like that at ft Polk, and maintenance had to install our unit for us. We had to get a piece of plexiglass from lowes to cover up the awkward space, but it could be done. 

OnARoll --- 5 years ago -

housing may possibly give you a reasonable accommodation if you talk to tanja. i'd give you her number, but i lost my phone.

my home stays cool. you can hang out here. 

Sandra --- 5 years ago -

If you can get housing to give you a form for medical accommodations and your doctor signs off on it housing will install some. I don't think the anxiety and blood pressure will be enough but the heat spells from the transplant might. Also are you on medication for the hypertension? That's a silent killer! 

Sandra --- 5 years ago -

And btw, most homes in Washington don't have the ac! 

Aubogon --- 5 years ago -

You can also use cool packs and go find some cheap or free entertainment during the hot parts I the day. Nice thing about here is that the highs don't hit till around 1-3 ish and it starts cooling back down by 8ish. Go to the library or bowling alley or walk the mall.. Soak up some a/c there. 

OnARoll --- 5 years ago -

wiki version 

Leesah --- 5 years ago -

Leaving your home during the hotter hours is a good idea, maybe you have a friend that has AC and you can hang out there. Cools right back down at night time. 

Chris P Bacon --- 5 years ago -

You need to get on blood pressure medication, immediately. 

Leesah --- 5 years ago -

If you have a credit card, I would say that this counts as an emergency.

And try what Sandra said, they will install AC if its medically necessary. 

ella ella --- 5 years ago -

If its this bad I think a bill can be put off, I got a AC unit at Wal Mart last week for 100.00 and maybe even craigslist they always have a bunch or a pawn shop theres tons in the area.

My health would come first ! No bill is worth it !!! 

Sandra --- 5 years ago -

I got both my ac units at the thrift shop for $25 and $35 I just made sure they worked and the accordions to block the window are a few bucks or u can use cardboard! 

Megan LeeAnne --- 5 years ago -

I just looked on craigslist and bookoo for you. There are 2 ac units on craigslist for $50 in this surrounding area. 

AwesomeSauce --- 5 years ago -

Just called housing to ask about ac units in the sideways windows. They can be used, with a plexiglass piece to block the open part, but maintenance doesn't help install them here. 

Sandra --- 5 years ago -

but maintenance doesn't help install them here.

They will if she can get the doctor to sign off, but otherwise no they won't 

Megan LeeAnne --- 5 years ago -

They can be but it depends on how big her window is. We had one that wasn't wide enough to fit it in so it would have had to be placed on it's side. Thats what I was thinking of when I said that lol. 

OnARoll --- 5 years ago -

also consider aspirin. not only could it save your heart- it works as an internal spf. supplement with stomach friendly foods and supplements (aloe) and talk to your dr.

drug free

reasonable accommodation form 

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