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33Whisky --- 8 years ago -

Any other sites for Fort Lewis sales/small businesses/cleaning house other than LYS or the FB Flea market?

Sorry, but LYS we all know is a pain and normally not worth the time and effort, and personally, Flea market is getting really finicky about wives trying to get their small businesses out there. Apparently there are a bunch of complaints about trying to sell homemade stuff and they consider it a "business" even if it's just hobby stuff.

A bit picky and uppity in my opinion, I think letting the post wives get their small businesses out there is great.

So now, where can we??? 

AwesomeSauce --- 8 years ago -

Happy ft Lewis wives, ft Lewis spouse network, Washington thrift and sale... There are a ton of other sites. The flea market one annoyed me so I left it a while ago, but I recently re-added it to see if someone had an item I wanted. I never go in there unless I'm actually searching for something. 

fam0f3 --- 8 years ago -

Says you can make a business card and post it to the business album. But that's it. So i wonder if someone posts asking for XX if you can reply about your business? One would think but with all the rules and yada yada who knows. 

33Whisky --- 8 years ago -

The albums are so disorganized, I don't feel like they are very useful or effective. I tried posting in the albums, but people kept deleting the couple pieces of jewelry I was trying to get off my hands. 

wildflower2007 --- 8 years ago -

the people that run that are making a mess of the "rules"...who has time to read the lengthy documents and go through the MESS of albums. its so frustrating. they have over-complicated something that's rather simple: post a picture of what you want to sell and sell it. 

33Whisky --- 8 years ago -

I got almost kicked last night because I posted paintings for sale, which is apparently a business, I only really consider it a hobby. She deleted my post, sent me the rules, and when I pointed out that my post did not violate any of the rules in any way, and that I do not count as a business because I wasn't offering custom work or appointments, don't have my own site, etc.. she LITERALLY re-wrote the business rules and posted them to the wall.

Pretty much fed up with the site after that. 

wildflower2007 --- 8 years ago -

thats frustrating. i always love when wives post craft/things they make. i HATE the scentsy/itworks/pure romance CRAP thats on the wall half of the time though. 

33Whisky --- 8 years ago -

I don't terribly mind the scentsy, pure romance, etc..as long as they don't spam it on the wall 5x a day, or every day.

But, I think making the wives that craft for a couple extra bucks here and there reclassify as a business really limits being able to just put things out there for fun.

I hadn't listed any paintings in a while, but I need the money to buy my hubby an anniversary gift. 

Kristie528 --- 8 years ago -

There are way to many rules on that page. 

33Whisky --- 8 years ago -

Agreed. Some rules are important, but they've just gone too far with it.

Last night, when a mod re-wrote the rules after I pointed out that according to their rules she had no right to delete my post, I got pretty annoyed and just don't really wanna even try to use that site anymore, seems pretty pointless if they'll re-write rules because they don't like being told they're wrong. 

Megan LeeAnne --- 8 years ago -

Just curious about what rule was rewrote? I read all the rules including business since I sometimes make bows and just reread them now since you said they were modified and everything is the same. I see she bumped the rules but that's it. I think its good and bad in a way. Good in the way that I seen one person post 40+ bows in an album when that actually broke 2 rules and bad bc businesses get less advertisement. Its the people that can't follow the rules who ruin it for the rest. I would have just said they were paintings you had in your house instead of saying you painted them. 

33Whisky --- 8 years ago -

She posted an addition to the business rules/rules after I pointed out that mine wasn't violating general post rules.

I say I painted them because it's important to me that it doesn't look like I'm trying to make a buck off of someone else's hard work and that it's clear they are not prints. 

33Whisky --- 8 years ago -

I'm trying to find the post but it's buried in posts from today 

Megan LeeAnne --- 8 years ago -

Well I seen the post but I didn't see any additions to it. That's why I was asking so I make sure I don't miss anything. Everything I seen is what I already remembered reading. 

details --- 8 years ago -

Wow...honestly I've never looked at the flea market site until now. 10 rules, each with multiple bullets, then a laundry list of disclaimers? That gave me a headache. Who knew buying and selling mostly used stuff had to be so complicated?!

Have you thought about Etsy for your paintings? 

Megan LeeAnne --- 8 years ago -

I don't agree with some of them, which is why I very rarely post things on there. But, I was around when the page first started up and it was ridiculous full of drama non stop and pages freezing non stop and a bunch of other ridiculous things. It actually helps to have some of the rules. 

fam0f3 --- 8 years ago -

if you type in "jblm" in the search engine on FB, there are actually 3 or 4 pages dedicated just to spouses with their small businesses and what not. Might give that a try :) 

Oakley Outlets --- 4 years ago -

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king --- 4 years ago -

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zhuojian --- 4 years ago -

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