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I joined this crazy place on 2011-02-16, 8 years ago.

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other undergrounds? - 7 years ago

I have tried googling, but could not find anything. Does anyone know if there is an underground for fort belvoir?

I really hate living next to smokers.... - 7 years ago

smoking isn't banned in housing unless you live in Town Center, maybe move there if it is such an issue. Crying babies are driving me crazy but I don't tell the neighbors their kids can't scream all d...

If you live on Davis Hill..... - 7 years ago

I live in Davis Hill and there is always a freaking white,convertible pt cruiser who drives like a bat out of hell through Davis Hill. My kids don't play in the middle of the street but sadly other ki...

where were u 10 years ago - 7 years ago

We were living in Fairbanks, Alaska. That morning at 2am our time my husband had left for PLDC in Anchorage. My mother in law called me at about 6am and told me to turn on the TV and asked where my hu...

Town Center Dog Owners! - 7 years ago

I live in Davis Hill and come down Colorado towards the commissary and the town center. He lives in the very first group of houses the jerk :( Tonight we came home from dinner and my husband who has b...

Town Center Dog Owners! - 7 years ago

Yesterday while driving past I saw the person doing it, it was a younger looking guy with a HUGE white dog and he let his dog poop along the fence by the recycling center, stood there and smoked and t...

Town Center Dog Owners! - 7 years ago

If I did not fear that I and my kids would be completely eaten alive by the flies I would have taken pics with my cell phone.I can not believe people can be so disgusting and just nasty about the envi...

Town Center Dog Owners! - 7 years ago

You all suck!!!!!!!!! I am so livid it is not even funny. I was walking to the PX today with my kids for lunch and the whole way there we had to walk by HUGE piles of dog poop and cigarettes!There was...

anyone know the link to sear ? - 7 years ago

@ Sarah for some reason it did that to me too, and I had to enter my husband's name in all Caps

anyone know the link to sear ? - 7 years ago

well dang that took 20 seconds of my life, off to the commissary now

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