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Town Center Dog Owners!

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proudjagwife --- 7 years ago -

You all suck!!!!!!!!! I am so livid it is not even funny. I was walking to the PX today with my kids for lunch and the whole way there we had to walk by HUGE piles of dog poop and cigarettes!There was so many flies it was like a horror movie. You have gorgeous new houses to freaking live in, HOW ABOUT YOU KEEP YOUR FREAKING NEIGHBORHOOD CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and the beer bottles and yellow cups along the side too is not very attractive either. I am sure not everyone who owns a dog there is disgusting and lazy but I refuse to believe it is just one person and their dogs leaving the mountains of poop there. And no it is not wild animals cause it is all along the side near the parking lot where all the smokers go. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Now off to call housing and complain about you pigs grrrrrrrrr 

Shelley --- 7 years ago -

Have the housing offices moved in the area yet? If not, maybe once they do they will crack down on them, that's just nasty :( 

proudjagwife --- 7 years ago -

If I did not fear that I and my kids would be completely eaten alive by the flies I would have taken pics with my cell phone.I can not believe people can be so disgusting and just nasty about the environment they and their kids live in, I give it a few months and that neighborhood will look like trash totally 

ShamWow --- 7 years ago -

It's like that alot of places around here, it's like dog owners have lost their minds. I got on some jerk the other day as I sat here working and looked out my window and saw them let their dog poo in my yard and went to walk away without picking it up. I was like umm if you don't have a baggy use your fricken hand. They had a baggy, just lazy! Yuck

That housing area is pretty bad, I drove past their on my way from the commissary the other day and all I heard were dogs barking everywhere, that would piss me off bad to have to live like that. 

HappyGoLucky --- 7 years ago -

I live over here and have a pet and I can asure you that I pick up after my doggie STAT. The darn turd is hot from it being so fresh when I put it in the bag. I think its disgusting. I was told no pets above 25 lbs and yet you see plenty of them. I only let my dog pee n poop in front of my house where children dont roll around and I clean up right away. Others have no concept of the children areas and let their dogs piss on the grass. Now mind you, it wasnt too smart of the architect to place doggy bins in those areas. It basically tells people "yes please bring your dog to poop and pee here... Oh the kids??? Oh dont worry, they will never fall on the spot your dog just pissed on!".

Our bbq grills are new and people use them and dont clean them up. They leave the ashes in there. Just people that to me seem to not have any kind of respect for communal property. Equity has moved into the neighborhood so we'll see what happens. I have seen other doggy owners that clean after their pets so this must be happening at night. They should have stuck to the no dogs past 25 lbs. Sucks this is such an issue over on that corner. The neighborhood is really nice and my neighbors are sweet. Not trashy at all. Just bad apples. There's plenty of those in every neighborhood. Some, a lot more than others. Hope equity can help resolve this for u. 

proudjagwife --- 7 years ago -

Yesterday while driving past I saw the person doing it, it was a younger looking guy with a HUGE white dog and he let his dog poop along the fence by the recycling center, stood there and smoked and then walked back across the street :( 

HappyGoLucky --- 7 years ago -

What a douche. Equity should send letters stating that if reported, they will be fined. Give them maybe 2 or 3 times to be reported and then bam! Pay now! Lol. I dont understand how people can be so disgusting. Ive had big n little dogs and I always cleaned up after them. None of my neighbors have a white dog so for sure they dont live near the playground. Hope u get good feedback from Equity. People are just so lazy. Tsk, tsk! 

proudjagwife --- 7 years ago -

I live in Davis Hill and come down Colorado towards the commissary and the town center. He lives in the very first group of houses the jerk :( Tonight we came home from dinner and my husband who has been in Korea drove by there and was shocked to see about 15 people just standing in the parking lot drinking and smoking 

HappyGoLucky --- 7 years ago -

Yeah... people go over there to smoke because our community is smoke free. No smoking inside the homes or in the neighborhood. Awesome for me. Sucky for the smokers. Lol. 

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