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donating medical supplies.

who's talking here?

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OnARoll --- 5 years ago -

we switched to a different type of supply and now have tons of leftovers that i need to donate.

someone mentioned that madigan takes donations, but when i've called their operator they just took my number and didn't ever call me back.

who takes medical supply donations? 

AwesomeSauce --- 5 years ago -

Depends on the type. Madigan told me no, but there is a place called the Ashley House that takes actual supplies, and a place in Tacoma that takes equipment. 

OnARoll --- 5 years ago -

it's 5 french catheters and lubricant 

AwesomeSauce --- 5 years ago -

These people could probably use that 

AwesomeSauce --- 5 years ago -

Not sure which location is closest 

OnARoll --- 5 years ago -

i tried to email them and there was an error... i will look up their number and call them tomorrow. :) 

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