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What's up with the spammers in the LU?

who's talking here?

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Megan LeeAnne 4
Pepper Potts 1
Kara 1
Leesah 1
Shelley S 1
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myopinion 3
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ShamWow --- 7 years ago -

Anyone else noticing a recent addition of spam from these users?

Tiffany coTiffany storeTiffany

belstaffbelstaf f jacketsbelsta

TheNorthFaceNor th Face Sale No 

lemondrop --- 7 years ago -

I noticed! I've been flagging them! 

ShamWow --- 7 years ago -

me too lol 

Leesah --- 7 years ago -

Guess they're trying to find free ways to sell their crap, lol. (I'm scared to click on the links though) 

Shelley S --- 7 years ago -

me too, hate spam 

Megan LeeAnne --- 7 years ago -

I'm going through and deleting them, it's spam. The latest link they had wasn't even in english. 

ShamWow --- 7 years ago -

Yay, thank you Megan! 

Megan LeeAnne --- 7 years ago -

You're welcome. If I skipped over any let me know. I'm also ice boxing the names, but I don't think that will help considering its all probably one person using the several different names that's already popped up. 

Shazzam PumpkinNinjaDolphin --- 7 years ago -

More SPAM!!

Now with formal dresses and Swarovski crystal!
They must know Lewis UG is high class....

Hurry and click on that 'ice user' button!!
There are many more spam accounts waiting to post shopping bargains. 

Megan LeeAnne --- 7 years ago -

Got them...there's going to be a party in the ice box haha 

ShamWow --- 7 years ago -

They are back in the army wives thread and a new northface sale 

Pepper Potts --- 7 years ago -

Oh gosh. I saw the army wives thread before reading this. That explains it. Kinda. Who does this & who has time to bother doing this? I don't get it. 

myopinion --- 7 years ago -


Chris P Bacon --- 7 years ago -

They're trying to move some high-end merchandise. I waiting for the Rolex and Porche ads! LOL!!! 

myopinion --- 7 years ago -

come on give me some PRADA 

myopinion --- 7 years ago -

come on give me some PRADA 

FL GIRL --- 7 years ago -

We are under attack!!! 

Kara --- 7 years ago -

If you see more, pm me. I am going to do some deleting. 

Megan LeeAnne --- 7 years ago -

I have been deleting everytime that j have been on as well :) 

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