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1st deployment

who's talking here?

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tabathalane --- 7 years ago -

I don't mean to sound crazy but what is the best way of communication when your hubby is deployed?? We are coming up on our first and I know little to nothing about anything!! They can have computers?? Does it need a net subscription or is there wifi ( lol ) ? Also what about phones?? Is there service over there for cell phones or is there available land lines?? 

Working mom of 3 --- 7 years ago -

Depending on where he is going there will be MWR's with phones and computers. Most places have internet connections in the rooms or tents. I used Skype to talk to my husband and kids when either of us are gone. He can also get a cell phone that works over there. I had one but the phone cards for it are expensive. My husband had one his last deployment to Afghanistan and I would call it but my phone bill was $5000. So I dont recommend that. Good luck with his deployment. 

Shelley --- 7 years ago -

The times mine has been gone he would get net, which is basically a pin number/login type thing that he paid monthly for to get onto their "wifi" which isn't free. Sometimes there will be the mwr tents available, but my husband never had a lot of time to get to them.

We used skype to video chat when his roommate wasn't sleeping, otherwise we just typed to each other on skype.

We never did the cell phone thing because it would have cost too much. 

tabathalane --- 7 years ago -

Oh man! Ya I don't wanna 5000 phone bill! Lol So I guess this is just like everything else in the Army.. Ya just gotta wait and see what happens.. 

ellaella --- 7 years ago -

working mom got it on the dot.

alot of units dont allow cell phones anymore for the reason that the terriosts can detect locations for it.

My husband was not allowed to have one when he left.

and its super expensive and just not worth it.

Most chus (aka) rooms have interent access and you can get the magic jack for it.


Trust me im sure a cell phone sounds great but youll do fine without it, I rarely new people who had cell phones due to the hefty price tag.

my husband was able to cal 3 times a day unless he went out the wire (depending on job off course).

only times when he didnt call was during black outs. 

tabathalane --- 7 years ago -

Yea my husband isn't the type that is gna hunt down and wait at an mwr tent.. But there are pin #s you can buy/rent for net in his bunking area?? 

tabathalane --- 7 years ago -

Oh okay. Thanks so much! I have been feeling soo lost on all of this :) 

Shelley --- 7 years ago -

Yea my husband isn't the type that is gna hunt down and wait at an mwr tent.. But there are pin #s you can buy/rent for net in his bunking area??

Yeah if he has wireless net card he can get one of those rechargeable cards and just pay monthly. It can be slow at times, but having that face to face contact is amazing! 

MonstersMomma --- 7 years ago -

if he can have a cell and yall have blackberrys you can use the blackberry messenger and chat back and forth.. and it doesnt cost any extra.. well it didnt use to anyways.. 

BaByMaKeS4 --- 7 years ago -

In 06 we had phone cards and my husband had a cellphone and we used yahoo... we paid a lot for the phone cards. But I loved him being able to call on the spot if he just wanted to say I love you. I would recommend skype its free and easy :) 

NadaSuperstar --- 7 years ago -

Skypebis free if he hauls to mwr to do it. Lol. Internet right now is running us $60 per month in iraq. Not sure about prices elsewhere. We use skpe and google im. Phone cards for calling. 

Megz --- 7 years ago -

it depends on the MOS and where they are. My husband was on a fob where there were 5 computers for over 200 soldiers. Cell phones were allowed but they AlQuida kept blowin up the cell towers. No internet in rooms either where he was.

Hes gone 2x now and I can guarentee that the same thing will happen this time around as the last 2.

Ill hear from him every 2-3 weeks for about 15-30 mins. but thats mostly because of his MOS. He is off fob more than he is on it. 

Stel --- 7 years ago -

My husband is in S. Afghanistan and the internet right now is $90 a month. The connection is not great. We pay weekly which is a little more expensive at $30 a week, but it's better for us because he goes on mission a lot and can be gone for weeks at a time. A lot of times his internet does not work when he's out on mission and has to go to an MWR tent instead which can be a pain and have long lines.

They just started offering "high-speed" internet for $50 a week. We tried it...not really any better.

What we do so he doesn't have to pay for phone cards is if he wants to call or talk he e-mails my phone, then I get on Skype. It works out the best for us.

I hear from him just about every day when he's not on mission. More like every few days when he is out, but his MOS requires a computer and everything so it's easier for him to send me a quick e-mail than it is for other soldiers. 

Stel --- 7 years ago -

Oh, I forgot, he has a cell phone that was issued to him so that their unit can keep in contact. We don't use that at all though because it's extremely expensive to replenish the minutes on it. 

lovemysoldier --- 7 years ago -

Good luck, my husband is about to leave for our third deployment:( Remember to pick your arguements and not worry about the little stuff, you are both going to be a bit stressed from being apart and his job downrange so just focus on hw wonderful it is to be able to talk when you can and not worry about the little things:) Good luck! 

NadaSuperstar --- 7 years ago -

Remember you get free deployment hours for kids at daycare. Take time for yourself- you will need it. First deployments are rough on both of you. There is also a deployed spouses dinner at four chaplains each month that is nice. 

tabathalane --- 7 years ago -

Okay so its a little confusing but my husbands unit is not deploying, he is being attached to one that is. So he was told... but he hasn't gotten any orders and everyone in the unit he is attaching to has.. I think they have already done their training also, and he hasn't and said he prolly wouln't either since he is being attached.. SO IDK. But does this sound right? Wouldn't he get orders and go to training too?? 

tabathalane --- 7 years ago -

Bump :) 

Megz --- 7 years ago -

SO IDK. But does this sound right? Wouldn't he get orders and go to training too?? 

He should get orders but as for the training if hes being attached then probably not unless they were going to training shortly. Both times my husband deployed he got to his unit AFTER they went to NTC or JRTC so he this year was the first time he ever did NTC and hes been active for 4 years. 

tabathalane --- 7 years ago -

Okay so I'm a little worried about him being sent over with no training.. He works in an office all day, everyday and hardly ever gets to shoot guns and stuff.and how long can't they wait to give him orders? 

Maui Girl (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

If you do decide to go the cell phone route, have your husband buy a cell out there, and to talk, buy a phone card on nobelcom.com They are fairy cheap in comparison to other cards and the customer service was amazing. If we ever had trouble connecting or our call was dropped, I'd call to complain and they would give me an extra hour. Wonderful service!!

My husband also paid about $80/month for Internet service in his room, but near the end of his deployment, Internet service was shut down because whoever the Army was dealing with for their Internet connection out there was working for Al Queda. Nothing like having our soldiers money supporting their enemy. :-/

Good luck on your first deployment!! I went crazy during my husband's first deployment always being on standby with my cell. I believe I cried a few times if I'd miss a call. I was much more composed during his last deployment, but I was also a lot more busy with the kids. Find something productive to get you through. The busier you are, the faster it flies. Oh, and retail therapy helps. ;-) 

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