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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-24, 8 years ago.

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I am a 30 year old, divorcee from a military man. Other than that I go to school, and love to read and spend time with my friends. Love where life takes you, because you have to be there anyway, so you might as well try to enjoy it!

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lawyers? - 6 years ago

Thanks details I have a lawyer friend here in FL I am going to talk to about this with. If I can get it enforced thru the florida courts I will be happy. Bond, Jag and IG both said that I need a g...

Cheating husband.... - 6 years ago

sadly having just gone thru this in WA, with no kids the no fault thing does mean just that. IF she is in Washington, they will not take cheating into account in the divorce for things such as alimon...

lawyers? - 6 years ago

hmm thanks Misty, I'll call the courthouse tomorrow to find out what my options are :D

Question about child support and bah - 6 years ago

Lemondrop he chose 705.90 a month for 3 years. The most I ever asked for was 500 a month for 2. and no I knew he was going to stop it when he chose the amount and length, I just didnt think he w...

lawyers? - 6 years ago

Misty, I wish I could, but Im in Florida

Question about child support and bah - 6 years ago

Lemon, From what I understand from my lawyer, washington state law allows for alimony in a temporary manner when certain criteria is met. I was married 7 years when I found everything out, it to...

lawyers? - 6 years ago

awesome thanks lemondrop. I had a lawyer out there but i felt like he nickeled and dimed me more than anything. he also was misleading on how the billing would go. I was told 1850 retainer, which...

lawyers? - 6 years ago

Thanks you two. I'll look into them both.

lawyers? - 6 years ago

Hi Everyone, Was wondering if anyone had a suggestion of a good, cheap lawyer. My divorce is finalized and the idiot decided he wants to play games with the alimony (he chose the amount and dura...

number for IG? - 6 years ago

253-477-5593 is the number I have for them.

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