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Sears heros at home

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SARAH A --- 7 years ago -

is open till 3pm ct 

SARAH A --- 7 years ago -


SARAH A --- 7 years ago -


KristenP --- 7 years ago -

Its closed now its full 

Leslie --- 7 years ago -

I know everyone can't get it but I'm a little annoyed. I went to the link when it was suppose to be open cause I was subbing today. I asked a friend to do it for me but by the time I was able to get her the info it was already closed! It was open a whole 30 min! Grrr 

MonstersMomma --- 7 years ago -

grr our frg email said it didnt open til sept.. boo. 

Shelley --- 7 years ago -

I've read that the website got so overwhelmed very quickly, sorry you didn't get to make it in time :( 

BAMF Husband --- 7 years ago -

geez apprently these dont last a long time.. it actaully lasted less than 1 day and it was full... i never get a notice its gonna start up. last year they started early september and ended 2 weeks later and this year it last one day...

funny how many people last year didnt need it but got on the list anyways..
people who can actually use it or need it cant even make the list... 

Brenda E --- 7 years ago -

Congrats to everyone who got in :) that's awesome...

It's not need based, it's more of a thankyou gift to the service member for his/hers sacrifice. Not a charity were you have to qualify and I think that's nice. Because there is a TON of charities for christmas for the needy. All the soldiers make equal sacrifices and this is great that they can just go and get something a little extra~ that's the intention. It's not meant to be a need based program. It's more like a free gift and is sort of like any free offer like for EXAMPLE AAFES giving movie and concert tickets etc...it's not a company saying we are giving charity, it's a company saying "this is our way to thank as many as possible for what they do, all ranks all branches"

So to me?? I don't care if a single e4 goes out and stocks up on video games with it! I am happy for him, I thank him for his service, and I will def be giving to Sears when I am in to shop :) 

MissTexas --- 7 years ago -

I got in! Woot woot! Thanks to a friend I had no idea about this. We don't "need" it. We both work but It would be nice for my husband to be surprised with a sweet thank you gift. He'll be in 10 yrs in the spring. 

JoJo --- 7 years ago -

It is nice that it is a thank you to everyone. The rank issue gets us all the time and each time we have went up then the cut off was right under. I hope Washington has as many programs for christmas help as Fort Hood did. Also how is trick or treating done. On post at Hood we could buy 20 large bags of candy and it would maybe last the first of the two hours. Alot of nonmilitary came on post and so there was definitely alot of traffic. 

Brenda E --- 7 years ago -

It's not a crazy as hood, but it kinds depends on what housing you live in..Last year we got a later wave of older kids and if we hadn't we would have had left overs, but discovery gets swamped! lol

Miss Texas..I am glad you got in and thanks to your hubs for serving, I hope he gets a nice little splurge..I will be donating to them as I have in the past :) 

Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

Halloween in Discovery is CROWDED. A lot of people come here from off post. We took our daughter last year and houses were running out of candy 30 minutes into it. 

texasgirl23 --- 7 years ago -

the candy choices are awesome lol i went last year hahah with my husband and our friends and this year wewill be taking our son... 

JoJo --- 7 years ago -

Thanks so much for the heads up! I will be sure to be stocked and ready, we do live in Discovery, it is definitely one of my favorite holidays and I usually order glow braclets for the kids so I will check into getting more. 

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