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I joined this crazy place on 2010-10-07, 8 years ago.

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avon rep.. splashed in a pool of fairy dust been shinin ever since!

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PCS, Germany, Just questions. - 6 years ago

Mrs LC do u know where you will be stationed? we are in vilseck rose barracks. but got a house off post about 30 minutes from post. but i had read someone elses comment about passports. you wil...

travel w2 ? - 7 years ago

do we get one? we just pcsed to germany from fort lewis and im just curious if we are suppose to have a seperate w2 or if it was all included in his regular les w2?? and if not and if its suppose to b...

How much do you pay for Childcare? - 7 years ago

or find a private babysitter who will work with u on prices.. theres a lot of them. especially on post. or close to post.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE.... - 7 years ago

oh thats awesome! lol.. there was such a big deal about needing them and now there isnt one.. no wonder theres so much drama.. even tho half the time the mods were partaking in it too..kinda sad and p...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE.... - 7 years ago

apparently the moderators once again cant do their job since they have continued to let this crap go on.. they use to be ice box happy.. now they just let the drama n bullcrap go on n on n on..

ABSOLUTELY LOVE.... - 7 years ago

whatever happened to the moderators who delete the topics with all the dang drama.. this is sad

How much do you pay for Childcare? - 7 years ago

You can still qualify for daycare from the state. it wont be much depending on ur salaries but there are ways to qualify especially on family size. usually its just a discounted amount that helps a li...

Horrible car buying expierence - 7 years ago

ya they are sketchy as hell.. i flipped the he** out on them.. i was just like who the heck does that n did he really think i wouldnt notice?? freakin idiot

Horrible car buying expierence - 7 years ago

we bought a car from sabetti motors as well.. and it wasnt a bad car at all.. but when i had to have them do some work on the car i had one of the guys drive me to work (i worked at bjs) and he brough...

Apartments - 7 years ago

We did RPP with the Village at Seeley Lake Apartments in Lakewood. They are super nice and we did a three bedroom for less than 1100 a month. i believe it was like 1055. it was super cheap but you do ...

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