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I joined this crazy place on 2011-08-14, 7 years ago.

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Where to live off post - 5 years ago

I absolutely love Olympia. Great schools, has a small town feel but everything you need is here. I live about 2 miles from everything. Downtown is beautiful. 30 min commute to base and my hubby h...

Veterans Day deals - 5 years ago

Yep thats it. Thanks Frankie!

Veterans Day deals - 5 years ago

Well the link didnt work. Im on my phone. If someone trys to copy and paste, let me know if it worked that way please. Tia

Veterans Day deals - 5 years ago

Saw this and thought some might be interested. We are gonna go, my kids will love it. http://www.nwtrek.org/calendar/index.php?cid=863 Hope the link works..lol

Help! So frustrated! How do you clean your blinds? - 5 years ago

I clean mine in tub also but i use clorox and hot water. Let them soak for about 30 min and rinse. Never had to wipe them, everything came off in tub.

WOW - 5 years ago


Pampering Our Military Spouses - 5 years ago

This sounds like fun! Its what you make of it. Anything out of my normal routine would be nice. But I would not wanna go by myself. Wish I knew at least one military spouse..lol

Erm....CRAP! HELP!!! - 5 years ago

Well I was hoping I could help but I looked up how far I am from you and its 45 min. I live in Olympia. :( But if you get in a bind and need someone on the weekend and are willing to travel, I'll wa...

WOW - 5 years ago

Just saw one of megans post that she plays wow. I do too! Just curious does anyone else on here also play? Megan what realm do you play on?

Help - 5 years ago

Thanks Samba!

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