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Pet Brigade - ever boarded your pet there?

who's talking here?

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ColoradoNative --- 6 years ago -

I'm flying out to CO to spend Thanksgiving with my family since my husband is deployed, and to take my dog with me (since everyone who would be willing to watch him for me is going to be out of town too!) would be almost $400 to fly him... I was looking at the Pet Brigade here on Fort Lewis as far as boarding goes. Has anyone boarded their dogs there before? I need some honest reviews since I'm really picky about where my dog stays, since he's my baby and all. ;) 

Pandaroni --- 6 years ago -

Me personally, I would say DO YOUR VERY DETAILED research when dealing with Pet Brigade to decide and see for yourself! I will NEVER leave either of my dogs there. They are rude, it is over crowded and smells horrible!!!!! Your dog may be in a kennel with many dogs at a time. TOO many from what I saw. There was also a huge discussion on this a while back. let me search and find it. They also lost a lady's dog and refused to take responsibility for it! My dogs are like my kids, I will lose it if anything like that happens. I would contact Open Paws Pet Sitter on here or FB and speak to her about a meet and greet and she is very loving, very affordable and trustworthy! 

Pandaroni --- 6 years ago -

Previous thread about Pet Brigade 

Pandaroni --- 6 years ago -

I think there may be quite a few more on pet boarding that mention the Pet Brigade in detail as well. 

Yogis Mommy --- 6 years ago -

When we moved here. we had to board our dog for 24 days while we stayed in the hotel....they did not take very good care of him at all, nor did they follow our guidelines for him....never again... 

mamarex --- 6 years ago -

When we went on vacation earlier this year we boarded our dog at a place called Country Kennals. Im not sure how it measures up to the pet brigade but when i compared prices they were cheaper. He had his own kennal with a doggy door to outside. If we decide to board him again on our next vacation i would use them again. 

ColoradoNative --- 6 years ago -

THanks for the input, everyone - I appreciate it!

Pandaroni - I'm DEFINITELY getting in touch with that Open Paws Pet Sitting you recommended. After looking at the website, she sounds awesome. :) 

Shelley S --- 6 years ago -

She posts on here as well :) 

Bama Girl --- 6 years ago -

DO NOT leave your pets at the Pet Brigrade they are horrible. They are rude and hateful. They almost killed my dog last year and when I called to talk to them about it the manager was very hateful. 

Samba --- 5 years ago -

Did anyone see this lastnight on King 5 about the Pet Brigade? I have not once heard anything good about them and when I went to visit it smelled HORRIBLE and they were rude when I observed out loud that all of the dogs were horribly stressed out and the outside of the facility was in bad shape. Gravel is not my idea of fun for dogs in the sun. Really bad for their feet!

In this newscast, the owner states this has never happened in the past 10 yrs, however this is untrue. It did happen. They did lose a dog before and refused to take responsibility for it.

Military Member Warns Against the Pet Brigade 

Samba --- 5 years ago -

By clicking on that link above and reading from the old thread, I did find in there where someone posted the situation I was referring to about another dog being lost and then found a few mths later on North Fort. That's a shame. 

details --- 5 years ago -

That's a horrible sad situation. At least they issued an apology, paid the vet bill in full, and offered to pay for follow up medical care, which is more then I've seen most people in the wrong do recently. I still would never leave my dog there. 

Samba --- 5 years ago -

Yes, but only because he went to the news because they refused to pay more than 200$. He put them on blast. Good for him. It is included in their contract, I am glad he didn't initial it. They didn't want to look bad to the public or the military members who they get their business from. It's sad this even happened. Just goes to show the dogs are not being supervised. 

Samba --- 5 years ago -

I agree I would not leave my dog there, let alone a rock! It was not clean and they were rude rude. 

jlgg --- 2 years ago -

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