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how do I get rid of fruit flies?

who's talking here?

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Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

my kitchen is freaking clean, LIKE BLEACH CLEAN and I am sworming with fruit flies I can't make myself cook dinner. I have poured bleach down my drains and everything, what can I do?? 

Wranglerbuttsdrivemenuts --- 7 years ago -

Eat all your fruit? Sorry I know I'm no help. 

Kara --- 7 years ago -

Put a little dish of vinegar out. 

wish I was in CT --- 7 years ago -

do you have tequila? i know it sounds weird but i always put a couple shot glasses half full of tequila around my kitchen and usually within 1-2 days all the flies are dead in the glasses :-) 

Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

I've done the vinegar... it used work back home, but these yankee flies are something else! lol 

Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

and no tequila, we aren't drinkers. I might be headed to out the shoppetee so I can makes these jerks a shot! 

wish I was in CT --- 7 years ago -

yea we aren't tequila drinkers but my house turns into a frat house on the weekends with all the guys my hubby works with so i can always count on having some on my shelf. you should be able to get one of those little sample bottles they have at the front of the store for like $3. that would probably be enough! 

Merktdawg072 --- 7 years ago -

Kathryn I miss your face!! Seriously. If j wont take you out tomorrow I will! 

wootage --- 7 years ago -

Put a little dish of apple cider vinegar out and put a drop of liquid dish soap in it. mix the two together and set it out overnight. They'll drown. 

Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

Kathryn I miss your face!! Seriously. If j wont take you out tomorrow I will!

hahaha JoJo is on a budget! lol 

MASC --- 7 years ago -

dont shop at the commissary!

we must have got some from there not long after we moved in and they got horrible! went on a short vacation and when we came back they were mostly gone. still see one every now and again, but thats tolerable. 

ShamWow --- 7 years ago -

my friend just had a ton of them and she tried everything to get rid of them, then finally came across something that worked. She used a plastic cup, saran wrap, rubberband, vinegar, piece of banana and a little oil.

Rub oil inside the top of the cup all the way around the circle of the cup inner rim, put in vinegar about a 1/4 cup and smashed up chunk of banana in cup, cover the cup with saran wrap then put the rubberband around the top of the cup, poke about 6 small holes in the top of the saran wrap and leave it on the counter. She had a cup with tons of fruit flies that could not get out. 

NadaSuperstar --- 7 years ago -

You can make trap by putting juice in a soda or water bottle and then roll a piece of paper up like a funnel. Place it in top of bottle and leave where you see them most. They flye into bottle to lay eggs. Then get stuck. Squirting windex on them works too. 

someonesangel --- 7 years ago -

there is a vent thing at walmart you can get (like 7 bucks) that kills them (ants and other bugs too) and isn't toxic to humans. it hangs from the cealing. works amazing! took three days, and never a bug again! and FYI, you don't have to have a messy kitchen or bad food to get fruit flies:-) we talked to our exterminator when we got them, and after seeing how clean our house was and how i asked how we could get them in the house when i clean so much, and he said that it has nothing to do with cleaniness or bad fruit. 

Sandra --- 7 years ago -

Those tape thingies worked for us, the kind you hang and adhesive makes them stick and can't fly away. We had them in the bathroom, they were annoying. 

ShOrTyLiCiOuS --- 7 years ago -

Thanks for reccomendation of vinegar. I tried it cuz its all I had in the house and it worked!!! 

Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

I used vingear and dish soap and that caught a few. Other than that the rest just went away after I poured an entire jug of bleach down my drains. I guess they were clogged. So freaking gross! 

BaByMaKeS4 --- 7 years ago -

MASC --- 2 days ago - quote - flag comment - hide comments
dont shop at the commissary!

that has nothing to do with it! we get our fruit from different places walmart costco grocery outlet farmers market its mainly bananas we try to eat them fast but i have noticed here lately they are getting bad but there gone when the bananas are gone..lol i try to tolerate them but they drive me crazy lol 

Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

I usually buy my produce at Safeway. It is more expensive but they have a much better selection! 

BaByMaKeS4 --- 7 years ago -

yeah we went there a couple of weeks ago to get the grapes and apples my daughter loves them but we didnt like the price..lol this weekend was the Lattin Cidermill farm Apple Festival so we got atleast 10 apples for 3 dollars!!! :D 

hxmyw --- 2 years ago -

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jlgg --- 2 years ago -

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linyuan1 --- 2 years ago -

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