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? about community centers

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kristi --- 7 years ago -

Do you have to live in housing in order to use one? We have militar ids n everything but need a bigger place than my house to have birthday parties. also who do I call? TIA 

love my babies --- 7 years ago -

I think you have to live on post to use them ..you can call and make sure 

Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

Call the housing office. I've been to party at one hosted by someone who lived in Dupont, but she could have easily had a friend rent it for her. 

Shelley --- 7 years ago -

I believe you do have to live in housing because they ask for your housing unit number on the paperwork. However, you can give the money to a friend in housing and they can rent it for you.

On the other hand, the center you (or your friend) rents doesn't have to be in their same housing area. You could rent Beachwood if it's available even if your friend lives in Discovery. 

Your Mom --- 5 years ago -

My friend just threw a birthday party for her son. the housing office double booked them and they were supposed to have it from 2 till the rest of the day. they ended up finally moving them to another place at 5 after refusing to give their deposit back, and not giving them tables or letting them inside. the new guy who is doing things plus the manager of the main housing office are the ones who my friend will file the ice report on.

they almost made her cry. her food was sitting there in the hot car for 3 hours.

i will not be booking a birthday party in a community center. i could not go through something like that.

we had to leave before the party even officially "started" and everyone was really bummed. 

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