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black crayon on wall?

who's talking here?

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ShamWow 1
Kathryn 3
staindingbymyman 2
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mamarex --- 7 years ago -

so..any ideas on getting black crayon off white walls? I've been scrubbing it all day but i think my daughter was trying to draw a map of the world and its everywhere! 

Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

magic eraser? 

staindingbymyman --- 7 years ago -

clorox wipes always worked well for me cleaning crayon off walls or the mr.clean easers. 

Amayblueyes --- 7 years ago -

i second magic eraser! 

mamarex --- 7 years ago -

mr. clean magic erasers? i've never tried them but there is a first time for everything! LOL, thanks! when we leave for soccer pratice im going to stop at the BX and buy one! i've tried dishsoap and bleach.. thats all i have under the sink right now.. hahaha :) 

Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

yay for soccer my daughter has been wearing her shin guards since 1! 

staindingbymyman --- 7 years ago -

Good luck, my son used to like drawing on the walls till I made him clean off the crayon never did it again :) 

Amayblueyes --- 7 years ago -

magic erasers are a God send! They clean everything! 

MASC --- 7 years ago -

a show i was watching once they used hair spray, the aerosol kind. or baby oil. 

Amayblueyes --- 7 years ago -

i know hairspray works for pen, does it for crayon also? 

MASC --- 7 years ago -

ive never tried it, but it worked on the show. maybe heating it up first will help?

my daughter knows better because i will beat her behind. :o) 

Kathryn --- 7 years ago -

Hairspray and Barbasol shaving cream work wonders for nail polish in carpet! 

jhsernst08 --- 7 years ago -

i would try using magic eraser and then buying the washable crayons from dollar tree. my 2 year old loves coloring and draws all over all the white walls and ahs even colored on things in the kitchen and bathroom and I simply wipe and go, no stress but good luck. its never fun. 

ShamWow --- 7 years ago -

Wd40 spray works on crayon 

Shelley --- 7 years ago -

I couldn't live without magic eraser. When my daughter was little, she thought she should draw Barney on her wall, and these hadn't come out yet, so we used fast orange, the hand de greaser, and it worked wonders and at least smelled good too lol 

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