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digging in flowers...

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MASC --- 7 years ago -

i recently had bushes pulled out of the flower bed in front of my place and put in some pretty flowers, then spread the bark back out and threw the river rock on top.
well, the past week ive noticed something has been digging in my flower bed. cant be a dog, because those are supposed to be leashed, right?
husband thinks maybe raccoons, but i havent seen them on this block. but what else could it be? its getting irritating having to fix, because they pile the dirt up on top of the bark, so i have to dig the bark out and fill in the holes, then fix the bark and rocks.
guess its time to buy some pest spray. 

Frankie --- 7 years ago -

Are you sure it's not a mole coming up? I had moles all the time when we lived up there and I swore up and down I had some crazy dog digging i nthe flowers. 

MASC --- 7 years ago -

not sure. never had this problem with the ugly bushes being there because they took up the whole area. it looks like digging from above. theres no hole, just a bunch of dirt moved to the side so i have to push it back and fix the top stuff. 

ellaella --- 7 years ago -

probably a mole they like to dig nice land !

they never dig in my yard then summer came and started to water it and plant flowers etc they started coming the raccoons are even worse ! 

MASC --- 7 years ago -

you know, i looked into it and think i will keep the mole. its better than the grubs eating my flowers and killing the grass. 

Stel --- 7 years ago -

We have raccoons tearing up our back yard. It's a momma and her baby. They eat grubs I believe, and they love to dig up soft dirt. They also like to play in the puddles if I watered my lawn later in the evening. What you described is exactly what is happening in my back yard and I caught the raccoons red handed the other night so I know it's them.

They used to tear up my neighbor's lawn, but she started leaving food out for them outside of her yard and they've left her yard alone. Thinking about doing the same for my yard. They love cheerios, cookies, popcorn, bread, and meats that don't have bones. They also love table scraps. Of you could just wet down an area of grass outside of your lawn so they are drawn there to the grubs and such. 

ShamWow --- 7 years ago -

Its probably racoons, they dig around my garden in the afternoon and over night. I thought it was a cat at first but finally. Saw a raccoon running off from my garden. 

MASC --- 7 years ago -

yup. neighbour said they saw them last night. family of 5 raccoons. i left some fruit out. they ate most of it but still dug up the flower bed.

i dont mind as long as they dont touch my grass! id rather have them eating the grubs in the flowers than having the grubs eating my roots. 

SimplySarah --- 7 years ago -

When I was a kid I remember emptying our refrigerator when it got gross and putting everything into a couple of really gross bowls. Then my brother and I would trek back behind our back yard (it was big) and toss everything a bit back in the woods. When we stopped doing it, the coons started getting in our trash. Good luck. 

R --- 7 years ago -

don't feed the raccoons. it is not good for them and it doesn't keep them away it makes them come back. 

Stel --- 7 years ago -

Do you water your flowers in the evening? I have switched up watering my grass in the early morning instead of the evening and they have stopped digging in my yard. I guess the grubs are closer to the surface when the ground is wet. 

MASC --- 7 years ago -

either way they are eating. im not feeding them processed food, its fresh fruit thats been sitting too long in the fridge. they can just as easily pick the berries off the bush from behind my house. im not trying to lure them into my yard, they were already here. i wanted to see WHAT was digging, and found out.

yes, i water at night so it has time to soak. i actually like them eating the bugs because it will keep my flowers from being eaten by the bugs.

we do the same type of thing at my parents house, sarah. except its fruit and veggie scraps for the deer. we are headed back home in a couple days, so im saving the rest of the fruit for them. we used to have outdoor cats when i was little and the raccoons would eat their food that was left over at night. 

R --- 7 years ago -

I don't know what housing area you live in but there are also mountain lions, coyotes and bears on post and close to or in housing areas. Careful what food you leave out, you may attract more than raccoons. You shouldn't leave pet food out either for that reason. 

MASC --- 7 years ago -

thanks for the advice.

my husband and i grew up around here and have lived in this area most of our lives, minus a short pcs and deployment, so we are aware of the animals and how to be safe.
like i said, it was fresh fruit. the animals around here can find more in the garbage cans that are outside every door than they can in our yard.
pets arent supposed to be left outdoors on-post, so i dont think there should be any pet food outside. 

Shelley --- 7 years ago -

When I lived there still, we had problems with the raccoons as well as cats using my flower bed for a litter box.

There are always cats and dogs loose on post, although they aren't supposed to be, some people think that rule applies to everyone but them. 

MASC --- 6 years ago -

starting today, i really hate raccoons.


just what i needed before a move out inspection. dont think it will have time to fill back in. 

MASC --- 6 years ago -


visit #3 in the back yard. 

details --- 6 years ago -

This is why I never let my dog outside unsupervised anymore! They show up my yard all the time too, even during the day. I would show those to housing if they have an issue with the grass. 

MASC --- 6 years ago -

well, as you can see, there is one in the trap. so housing is aware of the raccoons, i just dont think they knew how bad it was. i told them it was a family and they still left one trap.

when my husband went in to tell them, since they didnt ever return his calls, she said she made a note of it in the file... but then asked if we had dogs. so yeah, im glad i got a picture to prove it wasnt our boys! 

Leesah --- 6 years ago -

I wish they weren't so mean and such a pest, I totally want one as a pet, lol. 

MASC --- 6 years ago -

ya, my husband keeps asking if we can just keep them. he named the first baby we caught. still working on getting the mom inside a trap. i even thru part of a mcdonalds hamburger in there. COME ON! 

Leesah --- 6 years ago -

Maybe she's a burger king kind of gal :) 

MASC --- 6 years ago -

oh, she ate the burger. this is a smart mama. i watched her set the trap off earlier but she backed out because she was holding it open with her butt. she managed to go in and eat all the food a few other times without setting it off too. i tried for over an hour to lure her back in. she ate lots of dog biscuits, just not the ones i was throwing in the cage.

shes picky too. she didnt like the apples or hot dog i tried to get her with. the babies ate them right up though.

hopefully its a female. ive been calling it the mama for days. :oP 

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