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Swingers on JBLM??

who's talking here?

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Megan LeeAnne 5
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Your Mom --- 6 years ago -


ChrisPBacon --- 6 years ago -

Yeah some women are afraid of us Alpha Males! They'd rather prey on the weak! To each their own! 

ChrisPBacon --- 6 years ago -

Jealous cause we get more quality kitty than they do! Lol 

ChrisPBacon --- 6 years ago -

Lol Witchcraft, whatever dude!

Too $hort ~
'Don't Fight the Feeling' 

ChrisPBacon --- 6 years ago -

And NO, I don't define my happiness or self esteem by Marriage while I look for a bigger, better deal on the side. 

ChrisPBacon --- 6 years ago -

To each, there own but I sure as hell don't wanna pound sloppy seconds, call me Old Fashion! 

ChrisPBacon --- 6 years ago -

I've had more quality kitty than than you and your husband combined! You mad? Wanna hex me? Wanna oujaiu board curse me? Whatever dude! 

ChrisPBacon --- 6 years ago -

*tosses her his GF's panties*

Sniff these ya loser! 

details --- 6 years ago -


I feel like I missed something here, but I'm not sure I want to know what it was lol... 

Megan LeeAnne --- 6 years ago -

I think he's talking to himself lol bc we sure haven't deleted anything.

I was beginning to think I was the only person in this world that knew that "song" by Too Short. 

Sandra --- 6 years ago -

Details..... Crispy has a couple of enemies here believe it or not! 

details --- 6 years ago -

Details..... Crispy has a couple of enemies here believe it or not!?

Say what? How can you not like a man with a name that includes bacon? :-) 

MASC --- 6 years ago -

Hey, don't look at me. I haven't been online. :P 

Megan LeeAnne --- 6 years ago -

He wasn't talking to anyone lol. For the comments plus the name to disappear mods have to ice and remove comments. Otherwise you can only edit your comment and it would still show that someone commented originally. 

CSGray --- 6 years ago -

Chrispy likes to talk to himself. you're not missing anything. 

Your Mom --- 6 years ago -


linyuan1 --- 3 years ago -

This comment has been flagged as spam 

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