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Any type of food help??

who's talking here?

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Chris P Bacon --- 5 years ago -

Well hey, It beats starving. 

Leesah --- 5 years ago -

True that Bacon.

Hookem, happens more than it should, especially on bookoo :(
We gave our friends a bunch of baby stuff that they said they needed, including big ticket items like a crib, jumper, swing, bouncer, and stroller, and they sold it to buy a $900 stroller. We were pretty pissed. 

OnARoll --- 5 years ago -

do you guys know about the stamp out hungerstamp out hunger thing coming up? 

OnARoll --- 5 years ago -

its hard to trust those you don't know.
i can't imagine how you must have felt with it being someone you did know.


Chris P Bacon --- 5 years ago -


Shelley S --- 5 years ago -

Sadly on this forum we have been fooled a few times and many were hurt/burned after they gave. I personally give and volunteer at our local food bank as well as red cross, so I can trust the things I give are going for the right reason. I can understand people getting into a situation, and hopefully she got some help. 

OnARoll --- 5 years ago -

and btw i'm not trying to imply that this individual is scamming anyone....

when i lived in a 10' x 10' room with my husband baby girl and myself sharing a house with someone, i gave someone who was dating a friend of mine a $300 loan to "keep him off the street". i didnt want my friends bf to be homeless.
he used it to buy drugs and cussed my husband out when he called him to ask for our money.
we were truly hungry. living on $900 a month for rent/utilities/food/gas.

anyway, that is my background with being careful with my generosity. 

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