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I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-24, 9 years ago.

» save MissNCSooooooBad as my FRIEND - HOSER

Been here for 4 yrs now and absolutely hate it here! I miss NC so bad! :( I miss REAL sweet tea, and good friends I could depend on. I love law enforcement and love helping others. I dont do petty girl stuff, hate hanging around with chics because of it, and I will NOT stoop down to a level that others dwell. Project positivity before the negativity catches up with you!

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Root Canal ? - 8 years ago

Yeah my dentist now said I was WWAAAAAYYYYYY overcharged for the work they did. And I just had xrays again and checked my teeth before my Monday appt to see where I was at you know healthy or cavities...

Is there a airshow on McChord today? - 8 years ago

I love the air shows! I wish they were having one, my kids love it!

Root Canal ? - 8 years ago

Mine was HORRIBLE! I'm not even gonna lie. It took 6 appts and $2000.00 to complete! I think becasue the dentist i went to just wanted more omney and way overcharged! I posted a warning about them a f...

Amy Winehouse - 8 years ago

Never saw that one coming. That girl has been a hot mess for years. I am surprised she lived this long doing the heavy drugs she has been on for years. ;/

The 'Irish Pub' Thread... Cheers! - 8 years ago

*leaves in the backseat of a cruiser*

The 'Irish Pub' Thread... Cheers! - 8 years ago


The 'Irish Pub' Thread... Cheers! - 8 years ago

I'm gonna call Skay when we get to the clink! Maybe she will bail us out!

The 'Irish Pub' Thread... Cheers! - 8 years ago

Is that a news van? We are SO screwed!

The 'Irish Pub' Thread... Cheers! - 8 years ago

[i]**eats licked taco** :0( [/i] EEEWWWWWWWWWWWW! lmao lol

The 'Irish Pub' Thread... Cheers! - 8 years ago

Oh no Judy! The dogs! The dogs! lol Uh oh!

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