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I joined this crazy place on 2011-05-12, 7 years ago.

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AF wife and mother of 2. Living off post in Puyallup.

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What do you have done? - 7 years ago

Tongue ( years ago out now) Nose, Bellybutton, 4 in left ear, 2 in right. 2 tattoos.... One on right butt cheek and one on right top of foot, it's Hello Kitty. =)

RAVE Chubby Chubby Carpet Cleaners.... :D - 7 years ago

I used them for my sectional couch and they did a super job and did my den for free. =) love them!!

?s about the infertility clinic - 7 years ago

I know TX base (can't remember which one) does the same stuff as Madigan.

What the freak is with the SNOW?! - 7 years ago

OH I make Sweet Tea all the time. My daughter's friend come over and drink it all up and want me to make more. Funny thing is... when summer does come around I put up a blow up pool on back porch and ...

What the freak is with the SNOW?! - 7 years ago

Me to!! I will be back home this summer to. Awesome beaches, pools, thunderstorms, people who say honey, sweetie and are just plain out nice. I am a true Southern Girl! I call people sweetie and h...

What the freak is with the SNOW?! - 7 years ago

Oh, I do love me some snow. I am from SC and snow was rare growing up. Just this isn't really snow that sticks, it's snow, rain, messy stuff. Really a tease to me. I would love to just crawl in bed an...

What the freak is with the SNOW?! - 7 years ago

Until after Easter usually. Been here over 3 years and this time every year I say the same thing....Where is Spring... Snow is a little late this year though compared to past years. I have acclim...

What the freak is with the SNOW?! - 7 years ago

Totally covered with snow over here in Puyallup by the South Hill Mall.... What the heck!?!?!? Calling for it tomorrow to. Snow, Sun, Cold, Warm..... I'm so ready for more SUNNY SPRINGTIME weather!!...

Embroidery work... - 7 years ago

I have an Embroidery machine. I can do for you today. Just bring it to my house and and I'll do it while you are here. Give me a call 253-777-5702 Amanda Rich =)

On post or off!? - 7 years ago

I live off post in Puyallup. I love it here!! Super schools, get houses and close to everything! We are also close to 512 which takes you to base, drive is 15-25 mins depending on traffic. We have...

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