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I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-31, 8 years ago.

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What would you do? - 7 years ago

If you think its your neighbor or one of her friends I would be like hey do you know what happened? I'm gonna send the paint samples to my insurance company and send pictures, then they should be able...

kitsap base in bremerton,wa - 7 years ago

Yeah its past silverdale, which is where most the base housing is. It's nice and quiet there too.

kitsap base in bremerton,wa - 7 years ago

They have a bookoo, but I don't think they have an underground. Tell her to join this one, bremerton is only an hour away from ft Lewis.

What funny/odd things have your kids said recently? - 7 years ago

After I had my son I went to buy bigger more comfortable Undies...my 5 year old asked everyone, "where is the big butt underwear, my mommy needs them"...and once in Target I was trying stuff on and on...

BAH question. - 7 years ago

Dang that sucks lol...thanks for the info.

BAH question. - 7 years ago

Ok thanks ladies

DTV - 7 years ago

We got lucky and I caught the guy installing my neighbors dish so he took ours, you probably have to take it to a dump and pay to get rid of it.

BAH question. - 7 years ago

So the 15th? Or is that too late for them to change it?

BAH question. - 7 years ago

How long will it be before we start getting Fort Bragg bah? Hubby doesn't sign in until Sept 10th I just wanna be prepared for the $400 loss :(.

Goodbye WA!! - 7 years ago

Thank you so much everyone. We just got everything done and we are going to get our weight done full now...hopefully we have 800lbs or we owe them money =\ lol.

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