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I joined this crazy place on 2010-10-13, 8 years ago.

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Well, let's see...I'm an army wife of 8 1/2 years, mother of 3 (2 boys and a girl), a photographer, originally from Oklahoma, and I'm usually pretty laid back. I do have a habit of biting back if someone attacks me, my family, or friends, but I'm just a big sweetie most of the time. If there is anything else that you absolutely need to know about me, you can always ask. I'm pretty open.

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POLL: So a family member's in jail? - 7 years ago

I would let them learn their lesson, depending on what it is. Last I heard, my own brother was in jail for something stupid he did last year. Will I bail him out? Nope. It was his own stupid self who ...

So tired - 7 years ago

11:30 here, and I'm about ready to drop. We are just waiting for our pay to hit the account so DH can go to Walmart and pick up something for my upset stomach.

So upset with MP's and their neglect to do their jobs...(severe animal cruelty) - 7 years ago

I hope that those poor dogs are taken out of that environment, and that the jerk gets a taste of his own medicine somehow. For something like that, hopefully his butt will be arrested or something. ...

Finally IRS came to me :) - 7 years ago

Sounds awesome! Yeah, we have Fort Sill Federal Credit Union, and they hold funds, have limits I think, and they charge if you use an atm that isn't theirs. Plus, if by chance you go into overdraft, t...

Finally IRS came to me :) - 7 years ago

Glad to hear. Our bank doesn't show anything, and ours is supposed to hit no later than the 1st. I'm getting a bit nervous, because we need diapers, and baby wipes, and not sure what we have left in t...

where's my refund? - 7 years ago

I've read in many places that they aren't updating, and they are really behind. How much you wanna bet the people who work for the IRS got their refund already, though?

H&R Block on main post BEWARE! - 7 years ago

We did ours through Turbotax. Our taxes were accepted on the 17th, but we still haven't gotten our refund. We were told no later than the 31st, so we will see. I have been reading on Facebook that som...

I am just curious........ - 7 years ago

The medical system could be better. I've learned that the doctors love to hand out "ranger candy" for any pain you have. Plus, some are just non-compassionate. Other than that, I guess the moving, and...

where's my refund? - 7 years ago

I haven't gotten an email saying mine was delayed, so I hope it gets here soon. The IRS always shows the later date, so I'll see. I have my bank account set to send me a text when I have deposits made...

where's my refund? - 7 years ago

Now, I'm hearing that there is a delay in some of the returns being refunded...wth? I better get my refund, or I'm gonna be ticked off and making some calls.

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