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Requesting prayers - 10 month old lead poisoning - 7 years ago

My blood ran cold when I read this. He told her to call someone ELSE about the roaches in the home. So lazy. :( I hope the little one continues to get better!!!!

need to vent - 7 years ago

[i]Sad to say, but I told his mom, "I would sock her in her mouth before I continue to allow her to verbally abuse me!" Was i wrong, ABSOLUTELY!! But that seem like it did the trick...hehehe... [/i] ...

parenting question? - 7 years ago

It's pretty normal. My cousin used to do this. She'd cry like that and pass out. Once she passed out, she started breathing normally. There's a word or condition for it but I cannot remember what ...

need to vent - 7 years ago

You are definitely not alone. Mine are gems compared to some horror stories I have heard. [i] Yet they can travel to florida (they live in Utah) but cant come to WA. My parents live in Canada and ...

need to vent - 7 years ago

My inlaws are great people... just a bit odd. After the 1st couple of years, I just learned never to expect anything from them. It works great now, so there are no hard feelings when they don't foll...

BAH - 7 years ago

They lowered the BAH rates in some areas, and when they did that, they grandfathered the ones in who were already getting the higher rate.

All you people w/ the stolen credit card info on post - 7 years ago

As they should...

All you people w/ the stolen credit card info on post - 7 years ago

I would call USAA to verify. Maybe their system converted the credits from the old card to the new card? I don't know. I had my # stolen, and I was convinced it was Godfathers because I had to re...

All you people w/ the stolen credit card info on post - 7 years ago

[i] I called and the man told me that they do billing for companies that can't do the billing themselves and insisted on the last numbers of the credit card. [/i] We had that happen once, but when ...

Disturbing neighbors - 7 years ago

I would suggest going over before the baby starts crying and the dad starts yelling. Get them while they are calm, which could mean, more rational. Good luck.

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