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I joined this crazy place on 2011-10-18, 8 years ago.

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Breastfeeding and shopping is NOT RIGHT!! - 8 years ago

@MASC My son often nursed for at least 30 minutes or more. Thank you to the ladies that answered. I will nurse wherever my baby is hungry and i keep things "covered". I enjoyed the article but think...

Breastfeeding and shopping is NOT RIGHT!! - 8 years ago

A few weeks ago the ranger added an article about the face book page "people of the px" but the article included the comment breastfeeding while shopping is not right take it to the car my question is...

Thieves in davis hill - 8 years ago

My guess would be the thieves and her friends plenty of people told her good for her but people even threatened her. @Amayblueyes1 actually she asked the police if it was legal and they told her y...

Til Death Do Us Part... - 8 years ago

Loved it so much

Thieves in davis hill - 8 years ago

I will tell you she even posted these peoples name and address on bookoo. she got threatened cussed out by strangers and everything but i am proud to call this neighbor my friend for not backing down ...

Thieves in davis hill - 8 years ago

I had a neighbor who had Halloween decorations stolen the 3rd of this month. She fought back, found the people who stole them took pictures and reported it to the police. She also made a post on booko...

Hallelujah! Citronella collars WORK! - 8 years ago

I am so glad this worked for you YAY!!

no honest (wo)men left... - 8 years ago

@gtaylor that is a really good idea. Not to mention kind of awesome of you

Breastfeeding/ pumping - 8 years ago

Based off of what Sandra said i wanted to make a point to say i was not saying it would be your fault. Just that with the right help you can do it. I am all about support and education because it does...

Breastfeeding/ pumping - 8 years ago

Fenugreek was my saving grace. But i will also tell you contact the local la leche league and a lactation consultant. 90% of women can breastfeed and produce enough milk the #1 cause of parents switch...

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